the end of the beginning

Before you read anything else know this…everything you’ve ever heard about me is true.

I have had intentions of starting my first blog for sometime now. With a complete backlog of ideas, emotions, and visionary tales of success, I’m now at a loss to know where to begin.

So I will start with the past weekend and go in either direction from there.

I left my job.
My girlfriend left me.
St. Patty’s Day got the best of me,
It took my Ray Bans, some dignity, and patches of my face.

Sounds like the beginning of a bad sitcom, right? Well then I guess it’s perfect to start to a new blog.

If anything taught me the importance of staying positive and getting rid of thoughts and emotions that merely inhibit, it was from this weekend.

I could have dealt with leaving the work I was doing—it was neither rewarding nor fulfilling—regardless of the employer, I felt underutilized and disappointed in the quality of the product I was asked to sell. Deeper explanation will come later (see the great daily deal war)

What really hurt was my girlfriend dumping me. I did not see that one coming. I woke up that Saturday morning and all I was looking forward to was seeing her face. Making her laugh. Kissing her lips. So much that came to be. She said we weren’t on the same wavelength. That she didn’t have time. That it would never work out. Her friends mattered more.

The knot in your stomach that comes from heartbreak and rejection is about the size of a nickel now, so I know I’ll be fine, but it surely stung nonetheless.

I’m glad I had long time friends visit from out of town to keep my spirits high. Granted I lost my Ray Bans and fell flat on my face (figuratively and literally) they made me laugh, reminisced of the past, and enjoyed my company.

The best part that Sunday was while we were at one of my favorite places on South Congress, a Tarot Card reader sat across from us. I have never had my cards read, so I deciced the time was ripe more than ever to give it a whirl.

Best $5 I spent all year. “Stay confident, man, you have a lot going for you, but you keep meaningless shit around, let it go.” He even called out my recent break up. I was satisfied with his words.

And here I am now.

Stay positive. Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

In the future you’ll understand why I quote Mr. Jobs, his life has had one of the most indirect consequences with mine.


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